YouTube Optimization: Your Guide to rank videos on YouTube

Do you want to rank your YouTube videos on top of YouTube search results? Do you want to gain more subscribers organically? Then this article is for you. YouTube optimization is very important to rank your videos.

As a creator, you must have spent hours recording and edit a video. You must have taken multiple retakes to ensure your video is of outstanding quality.  The finished product looks fantastic! Excitedly, you publish the video and wait to see the number of views you get on your video. But nothing happens! What’s the issue?

Why aren’t people able to find your video and channel? Why your subscriber count is not growing? The answer is straightforward: You have not done YouTube optimization. Before discussing the optimization tips, let us first address the elephant in the room.

What is YouTube Optimization?

In simple words, YouTube optimization is a process wherein you can optimize your videos, your video playlist, and your YouTube channel to rank higher in YouTube search results for the search query.

Here are 10 tips to rank your video on YouTube

1. Perform Keyword Research

Did you know? As per Alexa top 50 global sites YouTube is the world’s second most visited site after Google. Before creating any video, make sure to perform keyword research. It is essential to understand what people are searching on YouTube. In the keyword research process, we are trying to understand what your audience is interested in and what information they are looking for?

For the beginners it’s a very simple process. To start with go to YouTube and start typing your target keyword or in simple terms “Your Query” in the search box. As you start typing you will get the most popular searches by YouTube suggest. This is a kind of an auto complete feature on YouTube, wherein it recommends what people are searching for.

YouTube Optimization

There are advanced tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ which will also help you with the keyword research. If your YouTube channel is new, then make sure that the keywords aren’t hard to rank for.

Also, check on Google for “People Also Ask” and “Related Searches”.

YouTube optimization

Use Google Trends. This is a free tool provided by Google, though many video creators don’t know about it. Google trends has a “YouTube Search” option below the “Web Search option” which will provide you search the volume data. Unfortunately, this tool won’t give you the actual numbers but is very good tool for comparing keywords to each other.

We will discuss the implementation of keyword research further in the article. The next steps is to perform the Video Optimization when you are uploading the video.

2. Video Optimization

Rename Video File using the Target Keyword

Many creators usually upload the file with the default file name which was rendered. E.g. finalversion_3.mp4. Whenever you are uploading the video, make sure you rename the file with the target keyword you want to rank for. E.g., You are developing a video on How to Queries like various tips to stay fit during lockdown, then your video filename must be ‘How to stay fit during lockdown.mp4’. Do make an attempt to mention the keyword in your video at least once. YouTube can read your video’s file name and all the code that comes with it when it’s uploaded.

Insert your target keyword naturally in the video title

The title you use, is very Important if you want to rank your videos. It must be punch and an attention grabbing one. You only have 100 characters available for your title (shortened to 70 characters in the search results). It should convey why the user should watch your video among other videos found in the search results. It is also suggested to use the primary keyword at the beginning of the title. E.g., Your Primary Keyword is ‘How to stay fit during lockdown” then you can include the following:

How to stay fit during lockdown | 5 tips Lose Weight and Get Healthy 

If your brand is well known, then you can also include the brand keyword.

How to stay fit during lockdown | 5 tips Lose Weight and Get Healthy [Apollo Hospitals]

Video Description

Many people make this mistake of writing a one- or 2-line description. The video description is one of the best real estate to communicate your offering. Include a hook line in that first sentence that will entice people to click “Show More” to see the rest of your video’s description.

In the description, mention what is your video about, include relevant keywords naturally in the description and also distribute LSI keywords.

Mention necessary call to action if you want user to perform any actions and include links to your social media accounts. Ask users to subscribe to the channel.

Video Tags

These are words or phrases that give context about the video to YouTube. It is one of the important ranking factors. Include your primary keyword in the tag and broad tag keywords. The video tags are important ranking factor

Tagging isn’t a difficult task. If your film is about surfing at Malibu Beach, for example, tag it with “surfing,” “Malibu Beach,” and “surfing at Malibu Beach.” Tags aren’t accessible by default on YouTube, but you can see them by using the free vidIQ Chrome extension. Have fun looking for the greatest tags in your competitors’ content!


Make sure you connect to everywhere you want your potential fan base to go: all of your social channels, your website, additional videos (to increase total viewership and attract more subscribers), and wherever else you might want to direct them, such as a squeeze page. Choose your most significant link to put in the description above the fold. You can also make a pro

Call To Action

The user should be able to practically subscribe at the finish of your video. Give them the choice to subscribe with a single click, and then explain them why they should. Marie Forleo, a life coach and motivational speaker, excels at this. She adds a nice little outro at the end of her videos, saying things like, “If you appreciate this video and found its tips helpful, subscribe!” She even has a small arrow pointing to the subscribe button on her page. To know more about Digital Marketing skills, visit here.

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